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My Jesus

Hello dear blog reader!

I am back from a great time in the happiest country in the world. They did look pretty happy those Danes I met, since it was great weather most of the time I was there 🙂 Now I’m in Kiev and back with more blog entries these next days. I will start out with a video with Todd Agnew’s thought provoking song My Jesus. What Jesus is it that you claim to follow? I have often had to ask myself that question. And I had to ask some of the people I spoke to in Denmark the same question – what God is it that you follow? When you’re steeped in frustrations and experience little of the abundant life that Christ promised (John 10:10), is it because you follow a different Jesus than the one described in the Bible? Have you created your own Jesus? 

Listen to the song, read the words and think and pray about the challenge in this song. (A little help with a couple of words: accosted means ‘approach or address someone boldly or aggressively’ and Beale Street is a street in Memphis, Tennessee with clubs, restaurants and a busy night life)

“I am tired of living for success and popularity, I want to be like my Jesus”

I want to know the Jesus of the Bible more and more, and I am seeing more and more that this may mean being misunderstood, misquoted, lonely, cursed at and treated poorly in every possible way! That was part of the reality of Jesus’ life here on earth – why I am expecting something different when I claim to follow him?

How wonderful it is that it’s not about me trying to be a mini-Jesus, even though unfortunately many people think so. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) was an interesting campaign, and I understand that the heart behind was to help believers remember what Jesus would have done in this and that situation, but the truth of the Gospel is that it’s not about me becoming more like Jesus as far as me knowing what Christ would do and then do it. It’s about me surrendering to the fact that I don’t know how to live, love and forgive and ask Christ to do it through me. It’s about Jesus being allowed by me to express his life through me. All we have to do is believe and abide in Christ (John 15), and then he will love, live, comfort and bring hope through us. You don’t ever have to worry about not having the right words to say or the answers to all questions, Christ will speak and answer through you. The more I see that it’s never about me, it’s all about Christ, the more freedom I can experience. The more I accept the (for my flesh and according to other peoples’ standards) humiliating fact that I am just a sheep following my Shepherd and that all glory must go to him, the more I experience what the New Testament promises those who follow the wounded Shepherd who died on a cross 2000 years ago to bring forgiveness of sins and abundant life now and forever to his children. 

Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27)

Torben – who still feels like he’s only just scratched the surface of the incredible mystery that Christ lives in me and through me and I never have to worry about anything!


God bless Skype

I was just thinking about how wonderful new technology really is and what a huge difference it is making in reaching the world for Christ! Before joining Youth With A Mission I had no clue what video conferences, Skype video teaching, chat missions or so many other technical things were. Now I know. And I’ve seen the difference it makes in the world. I’ve sat in on teachings held by an Australian in a Korean-speaking DTS in Lausanne, Switzerland that was then seen by Discipleship Training School audiences in Venezuela, South America, Kiev, Eastern Europe and Taiwan, Asia – and of course translated into Korean, Spanish, Russian and Chinese! All thanks to the wonderful GENESIS video conferencing technical stuff. We have had teachings from Kona, Hawaii where speakers have just finished breakfast and then they can sit down in their living room and teach students in Kiev, Ukraine. 

And Skype…don’t even get me started…what a cool tool that is! God bless the Dane, Janus Friis, and the Swede, Niklas Zennström, who invented and developed the software that enables me to speak FOR FREE with anybody else in the world who has a computer with Internet and Skype installed! What a gift that is to us missionaries who live far away from our home and nations. We can now stay in touch and even see video footage of family, friends and new houses when you’re in touch with people with a web camera installed. 

We have people who do chat evangelism with people in closed countries who are reached with the Gospel of freedom and life in Jesus Christ. People we wouldn’t be able to reach without the Internet.

I realize that Satan uses the Internet and its many opportunities too, but just because something can be used for evil, doesn’t mean that we cannot and should not use it for good. 

The Gospel is being spread, and missionaries have the opportunity to feel closer connected with other missionaries and friends and family through this wonderful technology. Hallelujah!

Torben – who is now just waiting for someone to invent a camera that’s inbuilt in one of my fingers, so I could always be recording the fun things I seem to see all the time. I remember a time in Copenhagen, Denmark where I really wish I had one of those cameras (or really any camera!) when I saw something extremely interesting (and postmodern): on the sidewalk two little, Muslim girls in full Muslim outfits were walking chatting along both with a backpack saying WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) … 🙂


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