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Cute knitted things for sale :-)

When you live on financial support from churches, family members and friends you have to get creative at times if you need a little extra money now and then. My dear wife, Jeannette, is a creative soul, and I thought I would post some pictures of some of the knitted animals and dolls you can buy from her, if you are interested. They all make great little Christmas-, birthday-, baby shower-, whatever gifts, or maybe you just want one or two for your own home/children/office. They are very hard to tear apart proven by the fact that our four year old nephew, Toby, who has three younger brothers still plays with the knitted cowboy Jeannette made him three years ago!

If you are interested in buying any of these knitted friends, just email Jeannette at and tell her what you would like and in what colors.

All prices are valid from June 22, 2009


These adorable mice are $15 (90 DKK) each 


The little ducklings are $8 (48 DKK) each img_21501n659430383_6757680_1837220

Elephants – boy or girl – are $15 (90 DKK) each 


A very creative wedding gift! This frog couple is $25 (150 DKK)


These well-dressed bunnies are $12 (72 DKK) each

img_2146Mr. Duck with an elegant hat is $10 (60 DKK)

img_03111Shepherd girl, drummer, baker, nurse – each measures around 7 inches (18 cm) excluding the hats- $20 (120 DKK) each


Another creative and beautiful wedding present – 7 inches (18 cm) tall excluding the hat – this elegant couple with many beautiful details is $45 (270 DKK)


This clown, who holds a banner with whatever name you want, is $20 (120 DKK) (7 inches/18 cm excl. the hat)


T-Rex and Bronto are $10 (60 DKK) each


This cute little dino is $10 (60 DKK)


Baby doll is $12 (60 DKK)


Whales are $8 (48 DKK) each


…and finally this beauty of a doll that comes in whatever colors you want for just $45 (270 DKK). She is 12 inches/29 cm. tall.(Due to many knitting orders at this point, it’s only possible to order this particular doll, which is bigger and takes a lot of time, for delivery in the beginning of 2010).

Jeannette can also knit a number of other dolls and little animals that she has the patterns for. You can tell her what colors you would want them in. At this point we don’t have any pictures of them, but you’re free to discuss design details with Jeannette. The list of other possibilities include: a golden retriever-looking dog chewing on a bone, a black/white panda, a light brown koala bear, a very adorable pig, a Christmas penguin with a hat and a scarf, an autumn harvest mouse and a Christmas mouse (similar design to the mice pictured above), boy or girl frog (regular frogs not in wedding outfits), a graduating owl.

As far as dolls go Jeannette also offers: a fairy doll, a Superman-looking super hero, a chimney sweep (skorstensfejer), a bell hop with champagne and flowers in his hands, a policeman, a fireman, a sailor, and a ballerina. Contact Jeannette to hear about prices for the dolls we don’t have pictures of yet. 

Hope you are interested in any or all (!) of these dolls and little  knitted friends. Just contact Jeannette and place your order, and she’ll start knitting 🙂 

All prices mentioned here are not including shipping – if you need shipping we will ship them, and you pay the shipping charges to whatever country you’re in.

This concludes this somewhat special blog entry!

Blessings, Torben


John Deere



One of our many adorable little nephews here in Ohio is young Wyley (whom I’m holding in the picture above) who is a year and a half. He has a very interesting love affair going on. He is madly in love with anything that is green with a little bit of yellow and that carries the name JOHN DEERE on it. Or Don Deere as he calls it.

Every single day several times each day Wyley watches a delightful video called All About John Deere. It is an hour packed with lots of info about these tractors and with songs that will forever be in your brain whether you want them to or not. 

The first words I hear every day when I wake up is Wyley who walks around humming his mantra: “Don Deere….Don Deere…..Don Deere….Don Deere…..” while he points to all his John Deere mini tractors or just stands at the window looking longingly out at the garage he knows is the storage place for his daddy’s garden tractor, which is, of course, a John Deere.

After his nap where he sleeps with at least one John Deere tractor in his bed Wyley comes up and chants: “Don Deere….Don Deere….Don Deere….“.


It’s so cute, and what a delightful thing to be madly in love with 🙂



“That was an overreaction…” :-)

I just had to put this wonderful youtube-video of a Chinese woman completely losing it in an airport in Hong Kong on this blog site. Apparently she is told that her plane has just left. And even though that can be very irritating, I do think her reaction is a little extreme…especially considering that the next available plane for her destination left in two hours. But hey….take a look and see what you think 🙂 :

And here is another video with a beautiful overreaction this time featuring Mr. Andy Bernard from The Office. Definitely one of my favorite scenes from that show:



Early Christmas present :-)

My beloved F.C.København (Copenhagen), Scandinavia’s best football (soccer) team, gave me and the rest of their fans an early Christmas present tonight with a beautiful, nerve wrecking, and well-deserved 1-0 UEFA Cup victory in Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium against the local team Club Brugge KV. I thought this lovely blog site deserved some pictures from the triumph that secured a spot in the 1/16 finals of the UEFA Cup in the spring for F.C.København where they’ll face newly rich Manchester City from England, a team linked with purchases of several super stars over the winter (I doubt any of them actually want to play for City, but that’s another story)!

Good times! 🙂


First a picture of the best player and match winner of the game, København’s Brazilian forward, César Santín, in the interesting looking orange jersey (that you can buy right here!). København have managed to play in five different colors of jersey this season alone, but this was their first game in all orange. (I just know there are tons of readers out there dying to know this type of info…. :-))


And next a couple of pictures of happy København-players after a job very well done!

Merry Christmas, F.C.København!



Something to be thankful for :-)



What a miss….

I’ve just started playing football (soccer that is) at amateur level for a local team, Hammer Heads, here in the Marietta, Georgia area. We’ve had big problems playing with a full team, but my dream is that one day we’ll actually be 11 players on our team at the same time… 🙂

I’ve played football my whole life pretty much since I could walk, and I’ve missed some fairly big chances in random games, but I’m not quite sure I’ve missed one like the one Chris Iwelumo missed today on his international debut for Scotland in a World Cup qualification game against Norway….Anybody who has ever played will feel with Chris Iwelumo after this one…And the game ended 0-0:

Torben 🙂


Counseling tip: “STOP IT!!” :-)

I’m in the process of learning about identity in Christ/exchanged life counseling and coaching, and let’s just say that the methods we’re learning are 100% different from the ones shown in this wonderful skit………..but it sure is funny!! 🙂


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