Needing help finding a ministry job

Dear Supporters, Friends, and Family Members (and random blog followers who haven’t given up on me despite a 14 month hiatus from this blog)!

We wanted to explain a little bit more about our situation as far as it relates to finances, ministry jobs, and our future than we wanted to write in a newsletter. If you’ve made it this far, we assume that you’re interested in hearing what’s going on with us, and how you might be able to help us.

We sense that our time at Grace Ministries International doing primarily counseling, which has been my primary ministry the last 6 years (with a one year break in Denmark) is coming to an end. We also sense that this is a good time for me to try stretching different ministry muscles than the ones I’ve primarily been stretching these past 6 years. I never thought I would enjoy doing counseling, and yet, I’ve grown to love it, and will always cherish all the radical life-change I’ve been privileged to witness in my counseling office. But both Jeannette and I sense that God is challenging me to get outside of my office and work with bigger groups, and get challenged and have opportunities to grow in different areas than counseling. I will always do counseling in different ways. It’s become such an integral part to who I am, and I will always love meeting one on one with individuals and walk through all kinds of life-experiences with them. But neither Jeannette nor I sense that it has ever been God’s plan for me to work as a counselor the next 10-15 years.

As we look, wait, pray, and search for what our next step is, I will continue to do counseling and all the other ministry that Jesus does through us. Nothing will change on that front before we are ready to step out into our next step. We are so appreciative of those of you who support us financially. And please, bear in mind that we continue to need the financial support as we’re trying to find out what God’s next step for me and our family is.

As we look at our future at this point there are a three possible scenarios that we can see:

Scenario A) We receive a substantial and very unexpected increase in our monthly support which would enable us to decide on whether we would want to stay with Grace Ministries International, or whether we would pursue life in full-time support-based ministry with another Christian organization. Our current support level isn’t enough to continue long-term in a support-based ministry situation. And even short-term it’s a challenging situation where we are going a bit into the red each month for the last few months.

Scenario B) I get a salary-based ministry job working for a ministry or a local church somewhere in the United States. This is where we need your help! I have been applying for several different church jobs, but with all of the churches the reality is that I don’t have any contacts at any of them. And the likelihood of them choosing someone they don’t know at all, and who has no network contacts in their church, is definitely smaller than if there is someone who knows (about) me who can put in a good word with the church search committee.

In other words: we need network help! Do you know of a job opening in your own church, or in a church or a ministry where you have friends or family members, we would love to hear from you!

These are the types of jobs at a church that I would be interested in. I’m certainly also interested in any kind of paid ministry job that has to do with any or all of these different ministry areas:

– Discipleship Pastor (or any role to do with Discipleship and leading people)

– Missions/Outreach Pastor (I have five years of experience working with international missions with Youth With A Mission, and I would love to get a ministry job where I could focus on missions, caring for missionaries, and developing strategies to help fulfill the Great Commission! If the church you know works with Muslims I would be even more interested!)

– Care Pastor (any sort of role where the focus is on caring for people of all walks of life and do different types of counseling would also hold my interest)

– Connections Pastor (a role where my focus would be on connecting people to each other and Christ would definitely be interesting as well)

Maybe the job title would be Director of Missions, Director of Discipleship, etc. or any other similar title. But the point is that any job that has to do with discipleship, missions, outreach, care, leadership, and connections would have my interest.

We dream of staying somewhere on the east coast of the United States, BUT we are willing to go anywhere in the States, if we see a ministry opportunity that’s exciting enough!

So, to recap: if you know of some kind of paid ministry job in your church, or a church or ministry you know about, or a friend’s church in the areas of discipleship, missions, outreach, care, leadership, or connections, please contact me as soon as possible! I will also be happy to forward a resume to you, if you would like to see a bit more in writing what my ministry experiences, educational background, and spiritual gifts are.

We are not interested in hearing about part-time or support-based jobs. We want to continue with me in full-time ministry and Jeannette being at home with our kids.

Scenario C) If it doesn’t work out for us to find a ministry job, I will have to look at different job options. So if you know of any interesting jobs that might have something to do with different cultures, international relations, and communication, I would certainly love to hear from you as well.

We hope and pray that God has someone out there in our network or in your network who could help us find our next step in our service for him!

Blessings, Torben, Jeannette, Marcus, and Sebastian

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