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the real me

I absolutely love this beautiful Natalie Grant-song, The Real Me. I encourage you to take some time to listen to it, dwell on the lyrics, and invite the One, Jesus, who sees the real you deeper into you. It’s a journey with him that the song is inviting you to. A journey where you decide to stop living from lies, pretenses or behind a mask. A life where you get to experience the freedom, joy, peace, and realness that comes from living life with God, with yourself and with other people without excuses or promises. A life where you encounter everybody around you just the way you are.

I have been on a journey the last few years of discovering who I really am. I thought I knew who I was, and God showed me that a lot of that was just my flesh, just the masks I was wearing trying to hide my faults and weaknesses while trying to impress other people with my strengths and accomplishments. He has been stripping me of those masks that I was hiding behind, and he is in the process of revealing more and more of who I really am. It’s exciting, life-giving, and beautiful when he does that. The process of being stripped of old flesh patterns is necessarily painful, but there is great joy in discovering and starting to rest in who you really are in Christ.

This song speaks about who you are, and I pray for myself, and anybody else who reads this that God will show you who you really are in him – if you know him! And that God will call you to him for the first time, if you don’t know him at this point. He is your Creator, he is the one who has placed tremendous value and his eternal stamp of approval on who we are in him, and he longs to reveal that to you and me.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2. Corinthians 5:17)

Blessings, Torben


It is finished

It’s Easter. It’s Good Friday today. Or Long Friday as it’s called in Danish. It’s a day of sorrow. Jesus dying on the cross on the hill outside of Jerusalem in Israel. Many people today have decided that today is irrelevant. What Jesus did is irrelevant they tell you. They are fine on their own. They don’t need anybody dying on the cross for them. Many people ignore the man hanging on the cross. They just don’t care. Others oppose him and laugh at him. Other people have made up their own religions trying to get around the fact that the man hanging on the cross more than 2000 years ago was and is the very Son of God. There simply is no hope without him.

Jesus, I choose to thank you for what you did for me. I thank you for the perfect sacrifice. I thank you for your love for me. I thank you for the cry that shattered the rocks, tore the curtain and opened up graves, where you yelled out: “IT IS FINISHED!”. It is finished. It’s a done deal. Nothing separates man from God anymore. Only ourselves and our choice to ignore him can separate us from God today and for all eternity. All that’s required to be with God today and forever more is to put your faith in Jesus Christ and admit that you need him to save you from yourself and your own attempts of making life work where you end up sinning against God’s will for your life.

It is finished. No more important words have ever been spoken. It is finished is what Jesus will always say to any of his children when they come and want to discuss their sins and faults with him. It is finished, there is nothing to talk about from Jesus’ perspective. It’s done. I can’t come up with a sin, think a thought or have a feeling that isn’t covered by those words. Nothing can separate me from Jesus ever again. Because it is finished!

Jesus, I thank you that it is finished. I thank you that nothing I do, say, think or feel or don’t do, say, think or feel will ever separate me from you. I thank you that you live inside of me. I thank you that you love, accept and like me just the way I am – not the way I could be or feel like I should be.

Jesus, I celebrate you! You are my only hope! And I’m so thankful for the life I’ve found in you. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Happy Easter!

Blessings, Torben

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