#40 – God fulfilling his global calling!

Dear blog readers! It’s about time that I get back to updating this blog site. I have been traveling to Bulgaria and Ukraine these past two weeks, and haven’t had much writing time on hand. Now I’m back in the States, and as usual after one of these missions trips I am filled with things that have touched me, challenged me, excited me and made me wonder. And I will be writing about some of these experiences these next few days.

As I’ve been writing about before, it’s interesting to see how God continues to fulfill the global calling that he has given me. Bulgaria ended up being the 40th country that I’ve visited in my almost 33 years on Planet Earth. Absolutely overwhelming to think about that I’ve visited 40 countries already and that I’ve been allowed to minister God’s grace to people in many of them. I’m delighted that God continues to give me opportunities to go to the nations of the world and minister to his children and other people I run into. In reality Jeannette and I just don’t have the type of money we need to make these trips happen. But God doesn’t care a whole lot about my perception of reality. He has his reality. And in his reality money is not an issue. I’m sitting in my friend’s Tim Galloway’s office here at Grace Ministries International since my own office downstairs is still recovering from the recent flooding in the state of Georgia. Tim has these wise words posted on his wall:

“God always finances His plans. Where God guides, God provides. God never orders something that He doesn’t pay for”

Amen brother! I need to be reminded of these truths often. And I know that it’s true. I see it in my own life. In 2009 this poor missionary got to share the good news of identity, life and freedom in Jesus Christ in countries as diverse as the United States, Denmark, Greenland, Nigeria, Bulgaria and Ukraine! I am in awe of how God unfolds his plans in my life. I am amazed that he continues to give me opportunities to share him with the gifts he has given me. I was excited to see all the good stuff he is doing through other Grace-ministers from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, England and the United States during our conference in Bulgaria. What exciting times we live in! God is changing this world from within, one individual at a time. More and more people are daring to ask questions such as: “there must be more than this?” and find the answers they’re looking for in the very person of Jesus Christ.

I’m excited to see the next 40 countries God wants to take me to 🙂

Blessings, Torben – who was so tired after coming home from traveling that he ended up putting his cell phone in the washing machine. Somehow that didn’t help the performance of that device….but thanks to some good Facebook friends I am already getting a different phone today! 🙂

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