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Greenland – raw, rugged, untamed!

I have been blessed enough to travel to quite a few countries in my lifetime. These last five years I’ve been living as a missionary completely depending on God providing for us through money from churches, friends and family members. And again this summer he has provided generously. Paul writes in 1. Corinthians 1:31: “Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord” And that’s what I do. Again. I boast in the Lord! I boast in the God of the Universe who has created incredibly beautiful places all over the world and who has given me the privilege of seeing many of them. I boast in the fact that he wanted us to go to Greenland (and Iceland!) this summer just because he wanted us to go….No deeper reason. Just because he loves us. That’s how it felt throughout our trip to Iceland and Greenland. This was – once again – God showing off!

Greenland was a breath taking experience. We were only in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, and in some of the fjords around Nuuk, but during the week we were there we were constantly overwhelmed by the raw, beautiful and untamed nature that we were witnessing. Many cultures came and died trying to conquer the wildness of Greenland, and we couldn’t help but thinking that God created Greenland primarily for his own sake, since only a few percent of the largest island in the world have people on it. I think God just really enjoyed creating and he enjoys watching this majestic, colossal, white island where everything is very extreme.

It’s hard even to explain the unique beauty of Greenland, but untamed is an excellent word. Human beings at large think that we control nature. In Greenland people know that nature cannot be controlled completely. The air is fresh, the view is always majestic even when the unexpected fog rolls in and in minutes covers everything, the water is crystal clear and freezing cold even in the winter, the icebergs are a blue color that we thought only Colgate, Aquafresh or other toothpaste companies could manufacture.

We felt like we ran out of superlatives to describe the beauty of Greenland already before our plane landed, and we ended up saying “wow”, “thank you God”, “that’s so beautiful”, “wow…that truly is awesome” countless times during our stay there. I find it hard to fathom that many people who live in Greenland and many of the tourists who come to visit still refuse to bow their heads in worship to the Creator of all of it. We had to worship again and again. We couldn’t help ourselves. Thank you God! Thanks for your creation! Thanks for your beauty! We worship you for who you are!

Here are a few pictures that we took trying to capture some of the beauty. We weren’t able to catch it, because true beauty can’t be captured and put in a box. It’s untamable by nature.






And here is a worship video with a song that I sang countless times in Greenland:


Blessings, Torben

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