“I will pay the postage” (about our global calling)

I have been given a global calling by God. Or more correctly we, Jeannette and I, have been given a global calling by God. We are some of those crazy people who are called to the nations. I love the world. I have been to quite a variety of countries so far, but I would love to be able to travel and minister about Jesus Christ in all countries in the world! We will have to see if God is going to fulfill that dream, or if I will have to settle with visiting 100 countries or so in my life time 🙂

We long to see God’s kingdom break more fully through all over the world. And we have, with Isaiah, cried out to God when he has asked: “Whom shall I send?” “HERE WE ARE SEND US!!” We are willing to go. I was first called into full-time missions during a large European Missions Conference that took place in Holland the very last days of 2001 and the first few days of 2002. I had made it into 2002, celebrating New Year’s Eve with 6000 other young Europeans, without receiving anything special from God. And then, all of a sudden, the calling from God was there! I am sure the sermon on the last evening of that conference was for me alone. That’s how it felt anyway. It was the simple story of Jesus feeding 5000 men plus a whole bunch of women and children with just a few bread and some fish that spoke directly into my heart. I understood that that’s what missions is all about: I bring the little I feel I have to Jesus, he breaks it, blesses it and multiplies it and it becomes rich blessings to the multitudes! I knew God had forever changed my life! And I said: “yes, I will go!

That “yes” has lead me to many different countries the last years: England, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Poland, Russia,Denmark, Malaysia, Nigeria, the United States, and soon my journey with God will also take me to countries such as Iceland, Greenland and Bulgaria. 

It’s an adventure that I enjoy living! And as you have probably been able to read on this blog site especially the last trip that he took me on that gave me my first African encounter was an incredibly blessed trip. I love the nations! I love new cultures! I love seeing that God’s truths can change the lives of all people from all nations

It’s also a scary adventure. And it’s an adventure that has hurt tremendously at times. Jesus did break the bread and the fish, and he has had to break me too. I have walked many steps in the valley of the shadow of death. And I am a very different person than I was seven years ago sitting in the crowd in Holland listening to the sermon where God called me into a life that I had no clue would take me to the places personally it has taken me to. I am extremely thankful for what God has done in my life. I am extremely thankful that I am not the same person that I used to be. I am glad that God has shown me many, many times that when he calls me into something, he is going with me, and he will supply everything I need. I have many stories of God orchestrating many people and circumstances to call me into a deeper understanding of who he is and who I am in him. So I know that he is trustworthy. But still there are times when I am afraid. 

Like right now when I think about the global calling on my life. Traveling to the nations of the world costs a lot of money. Will God provide for us? What about the day that we – God-willing – would have some children, will he still provide? Will people continue to respond to God’s calling and be the people that God will use to bless us and help us fulfill the calling he has on our lives? These questions can fill me with fear. Fear for the future. Fear always paralyzes. 1. John 4:18 tells us that “perfect love casts out all fear“, and I surrender to that love. I choose to trust God’s love. I choose to listen to what his Spirit is whispering to my spirit: “fear not, I am with you. I am in you. I will never call you to do something with me, where I won’t go with you and won’t supply everything you need and much more as a blessing just because you’re mine“. God is a prodigal God. He loves me generously. And in days of doubt, and in days of fear I cling to the promises of God. 

God gave me a very clear picture this past fall. He showed me that Jeannette and I are a letter from him. A letter about love, acceptance, freedom, life and peace in Jesus Christ. That’s the message that God has written on our hearts. Nothing can ever take that message away from us. It was God who wrote it, and nobody can erase anything he has written. He showed me that the letter of us was put in an envelope. I sat with the letter and the envelope, and as I was thinking about us as this letter from God, I knew that he was calling me to do a symbolical act of taking a letter, putting it in an envelope and attaching a pencil and a permanent marker to it. So I did that. God is the one who is sending us, the letter. And we have given God full freedom to choose whether he wants to write the address of where we are going with a pencil, so it’s easy to change, symbolizing our lives the last years where we have been moving fairly frequently, or if he, at some point, will choose to write the address of our home with a permanent marker, symbolizing that we are called to be in one location for an extended period of time. It’s completely up to him. And as I put the pencil and the permanent marker with the letter, I felt him very clearly tell me: “And don’t worry, I will pay the postage!“. What a promise from God! And I need to be reminded of it, when I start worrying about the future. We are in God’s hands. We are children of the almighty ruler of the Universe, and he’ll supply the dollars and dimes we need to be able to walk the path he has chosen for us globally and locally!

Blessings, Torben

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