The kingdom of God is breaking through

I have tons of blog entries bobbling around in my head. Now I just need to take the time to actually sit down and put into words what’s in there these weeks. I think I’ll start out with an entry about something that may sound mysterious, hard to grasp and maybe even a bit unreal to a lot of people: the kingdom of God.

Jesus spoke a lot more about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven than he talked about sin and salvation. Jesus came to proclaim the kingdom of God. And today, 2000 years after Jesus went back to Heaven, we see this kingdom changing people from within. It’s an invisible kingdom to those who haven’t had their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t look powerful, but it is by far the most powerful kingdom ever to have existed, and it’s the only kingdom that will never ever be defeated and replaced by another kingdom.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a banquet event hosted by Grace Ministries International‘s International department. During the evening we focused on what God has been doing in the nation of Hungary through the years of focusing on identity and life in Christ based teaching and counseling. We looked at the nation of Hungary with its heavy history of defeats and loses, and saw how so many Hungarians have a slave/victim mentality partly due to the history of the nation, but we also celebrated how God is setting people free to know and live from who they really are in him. From Hungary the really good news has spread to Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and other nations, and it was exciting to see the unstoppable power of the gospel of freedom and life in Jesus Christ.

The kingdom of God is real. It’s a kingdom of people surrendered to the king in the kingdom, Jesus Christ. All the soldiers are wounded, broken people. And when we are wounded and broken we can be used fully when Jesus is doing the work through us. I loved hearing the testimony of how the ministry and the ministers in Hungary had to go through the valley of the shadow of death of coming to the end of themselves and realizing that the ministry was not important, and they as ministers were not important, the kingdom of God and what God was wanting to do were the truly important things! This season of difficult circumstances, loneliness and frustration brought the ministry out on the side of life where the ministry is now in a place of being surrendered to God and God is starting to use the ministry in mighty ways to change the lives of the people who come in contact with Grace Ministries Budapest.

I loved being in an atmosphere of celebrating what God is doing. God is at work constantly,and his kingdom is breaking through all over this world. We may experience times of financial downfall, various life threatening diseases and much turmoil all over the world, but God’s kingdom is breaking through. And the kingdom of God, as Paul put it in Romans 14:17 is about “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit“. Wherever people are set free to live a life of knowing who they are in Christ (knowing their righteousness), and knowing the true peace and joy despite circumstances that are results of knowing who God really is and knowing who you are as a child of God the kingdom of God is being manifested.

We celebrated the kingdom of God last night, and I enjoyed being reminded of the tremendous power this kingdom has. It’s a kingdom of truth, joy, peace, excitement, relationships, depth, freedom and all other things that are truly important to all people at all times. It’s a universal kingdom, and the message of the kingdom is relevant for every single person on this planet. I love the fact that real truth, the truth only to be found in Jesus Christ who is the Truth (John 14:6), is 100% universal and life giving to all people. In a day and age where the Satanic lies voiced in the postmodern idea that all things are relative, and you can’t know for sure that something is the truth is going forth and leaving a trail of frustrated, lonely, confused, judgmental and angry people behind it, it was wonderful to celebrate the truth of the Truth! And it was wonderful to be reminded that none of Satan’s lies that so many people buy into will stand against the kingdom of God! There is no match here. Jesus is the Victor already, and his kingdom is breaking through all over this earth.

Torben – who found this wonderful song of celebrating who God is by Chris Tomlin. It’s called “Famous One”

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