Like little children

Jesus said that unless we become like little children we would never enter his kingdom (Matthew 18:3-4). I am surrounded by little children these days as we visit all our little nephews in the wonderful state of Ohio. 

There is a four year old with big ideas and lots of wit, a three year old who copy all the four year old does, two boys who will soon enter the terrible twos and who just want to play with their food and eat mud, and little baby boys who demand attention, time on the bouncy ball and a constant flow of food and sleep to be satisfied. 

Little children who all have some things in common: they are dependent, they are more or less helpless when it comes to any situation that’s just a bit complicated, they have no understanding of time, they don’t understand the recession that’s going on any more than most adults do, they are filled with trust, they are convinced that their parents in general and their Daddy in particular can take care of any situation and solve any problem, they love freely, they express their emotions without any restrains, they are self centered and need discipline in order to not grow up and be terrible, narcissistic adults, they are soft at heart and though they are easily hurt they are also very capable of forgiving quickly and not holding grudges.

I am a child too. I am self centered, I am dependent, I am needy, I am incapable of solving difficult situations, I am learning to express my emotions more freely, I am learning to become free to be who I am, I am learning to keep my heart soft and open and not shut it down the way most adults do, I am learning to love freely and forgive quickly. Many things I have had to re-learn these past years.

I thank God that he just wants me to be a little child. I thank him that  he doesn’t expect me to be wise and strong and capable in my own strength. He wants me to need him. And I do. Every day. I don’t have to muster up love, acceptance, forgiveness, interest in other people, and patience. He is all that for me. In me. And through me.

I thank you Abba, that all you want me to be is your son, Torben. And I thank you that it’s actually pretty easy to just be me.


1 Response to “Like little children”

  1. March 10, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words!
    Very relevant at this point in my walk with God!
    God bless you!!
    My newest website – hope you like it –

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