The originals

I have many, far too many, original football (soccer) shirts. They are expensive, the material is expensive and high quality and they look just like the ones the football stars wear. I can spot most fake football shirts from a long distance. Most people can’t see the difference, and will be happy to buy a Real Madrid, Arsenal or Spain shirt for just a fraction of the price of the original Adidas or Nike shirts. Counterfeits come in many different qualities, and when it comes to the best copies of the real deal it takes a special eye to expose the counterfeit.

A while ago I wrote a blog entry about counterfeits, and this is a follow up to that. What does it take to expose a counterfeit? How can you begin to realize what’s real in life and what’s not? How can you get a revelation of the lies and deceptions that we so easily find ourselves entangled in? And how do you get to know the truth that truly sets you free to a life of freedom, peace, joy, excitement and passion without hangovers or loss of life?

Expert needed

In order to see whether a football shirt is original or not you need an expert. I am pretty good at determining whether a shirt is original or not, but actually it would take somebody working at Nike or Adidas to be able to assert with 100% certainty whether a shirt is original or not. We need to ask the manufacturer who was responsible for creating the original whether something is an original or just a counterfeit. And what holds true for football shirts, sunglasses, computers or whatever holds true for much more important things in our lives too. I am not an authority when it comes to expose the lies and counterfeits of Satan. Only God is the expert when it comes to exposing Satan. God is the only original Creator. He spoke and he created. He speaks and he creates today too. Everything that’s good, true, worthy of spending our time on and life giving are gifts directly from Creator God. He is the only one who can produce original, authentic, meaningful life in us – the abundant life that Jesus promised his followers in John 10:10. He is the only one we can trust 100%. He never gives us anything that’s fake and that comes with a hidden price tag or a hangover. His life is pure life. The relationships that he instigates between people are founded on life, peace, joy, mutual respect and true self-sacrificial love. The counterfeits that Satan offers, and that so many people buy into, are based upon mutually sucking love, life, accept and worth out of each other. Satan will tell you that it’s love, and the real thing, but it’s not. The counterfeits wear you out and will never produce the life you hope they will, the originals give life.

Seek God’s originals

I’m looking for love, I’ll settle for sex” a bumper sticker proclaims. And the message of “we are looking for the original, but we will settle for something smaller” is a deep truth about the condition of us as human beings. Sex within the framework of marriage between two spouses surrendered to God and mutually committed to each other is a beautiful expression of love. But sex outside of this frame is empty and just a counterfeit. It may satisfy some physical cravings in us, but it will not produce the intimacy, sense of security, sense of worth and sense of being accepted unconditionally that we all long for. Hollywood teaches us that love equals sex. We see two people on the big screen who meet, chat a little bit, are attracted physically to each other, end up having sex, and maybe they even proclaim that now they love each other. And millions buy into this. If I have sex, I am loved. If I am in any kind of relationship, no matter how shallow it is, I am loved. But the truth is that Hollywood doesn’t portray the emptiness that is an automatic side effect of buying into Satan’s counterfeits. There is no sense of worth, love and intimacy the morning after. It was never there. 

God’s originals always produce the life they promise. When God says that you will experience life, joy, peace and love when you follow him and allow him to be in control, he always delivers. God never lies. His promises will always be fulfilled. 

I have spent many years chasing Satan’s counterfeits, and they never satisfied me. I have spent less time being overwhelmed by God’s originals, but I’m so thankful that God has shown me more and more of the real deal these past few years. I am looking forward to embracing more and more of the truly abundant life, peace and joy Christ offers when we’re fully surrendered to him!

Blessings, Torben

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