When God sings a song

Yesterday some friends and I were talking about being honest when you blog. I attempt to do that. I try to present the truth about what’s going on in my life as honest as I feel it’s appropriate for others to read. I don’t publish my personal journal on this blog site. That wouldn’t be helpful for anybody. And some might be scared if they saw the brutal honesty of my relationship with God…I know he doesn’t mind though!

But for this blog site to be meaningful to me I want to be honest. There is no point in pretending, and I try to be honest when I’m going through hard times, and it’s hard to hold on to the truths I know about God and who I am in him. Blog entries such as this and this point to that type of honesty. I have seen in my life though, that at times it’s actually easier for me to be really honest when things are not going the way I want them to, than it is when things are going “my way”. I want to learn more about being honest about the whole truth – both the good, the bad and the ugly! I meet many people who are either really good at just sharing things they are sad, angry and depressed about or other people again seem to think that it’s best to present a version of the truth where everything is always going great. None of these alternatives are honest, and I want to be a person who shares the truth no matter whether it’s sunshine or a grey, rainy day.

This morning I sent an email out to my fellow interns from my internship with Grace Ministries International (GMI). And based on their very excited responses the thought hit me that maybe I should share some of what I wrote to my friends there with you as well, dear blog reader. So here we go:

Actually I’m quite excited about life. January 1st 2008 God woke me up with a song in my mind. It was a song based on Jeremiah 29:11 where God promises that he has good plans for us and for me, and that he’s excited to reveal them. That was my verse for 2008, and it gave me great comfort in the midst of all the hoops and challenges we had to jump through to end up here in Marietta. A week ago on January 1st, 2009, I was excited to see if God would reveal a song to me. And lo and behold he actually did. It was the weirdest thing, since the song he gave me was a song I had definitely not heard for at least 10 years. It was a Danish pop-song from the 80’s, and all I could remember from the song, and I’m sure all God wanted me to know was the beginning line: “Oh, how I love you!” (“Åh, hvor jeg dog elsker dig!”). That was how he wanted me to start 2009! Quite exciting stuff 🙂

And right now it does feel like we’re in the midst of many, many blessings from God. My old, melancholy self is quite overwhelmed, but I’m enjoying the ride, and enjoying God showing off. I’m often reminded of the way Scott Brittin, President of Grace Ministries International, often prays where he says: “we boast in you, Lord”. And that’s what I do these days! I boast in the Lord. We were singing the song Blessed Be Your Name in church this past Sunday, and I was delighted to realize that these past few years I have learned a lot about praising God both when “life is all as it should be” and when I’m “on the road marked with suffering”.

So how is God showing off in our lives these days? He has given me the chance to participate in a wonderful ministry with GMI! He has given us a trip to Greenland next summer to visit a crazy, but cool supporter of ours who have invited us up to visit him in Greenland – he pays the whole thing, or as he put it: “the money is the Lord’s, but for practical reasons it’ll come out of my bank account”! He has started opening up some very good and meaningful relationships in our church! He has blessed us with a number of financial gifts these last months, so we’re doing very well financially in a day and age where all news is about how the economy is collapsing! He is blessing us with growing relationships with some of our family members – it’s great to be able to share the wonderful truths of grace, and life in Christ with family members who actually want to know! He has given us our car that I thank him for every day! He has given us a wonderful place to stay and our good health!

And we could go on and on….we’re very blessed to have each other and we continue to enjoy learning the new dance of grace together! Jeannette will be doing the Tuesday night internship at GMI, and we’re very excited to see what God has for her doing those evenings of listening to wonderful truths!

I feel unworthy to receive everything I feel we receive, but apparently God is just in a show off mood for that one reason: “Oh, how he loves me!

(You may want to save this blog entry in a special folder, it’s not too often you read such a happy clappy blog from me :-))

Blessings to all of you!

Love, Torben

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