We went to the local dollar theater tonight to watch the movie Fireproof

I came away from the movie with tears still waiting to dry out completely on my face. The movie is absolutely wonderful, and really a must-see if you are married and have any interest in keeping your marriage alive and beautiful, also if you don’t have big problems right now. And if you’re even dreaming about getting married some day, I would definitely also recommend this movie to the best of my ability! It’ll be out on DVD January 27, and we have already pre-ordered our copy right here. You can also get it at amazon.com

In a day and age where more than half of all marriages, also within the Church, fall apart…In a time where Hollywood send out movie after movie portraying the wonderful and God-ordained institution of marriage as either the death of romance and fun, something that is dull and that can only be spiced up by an affair with someone, or just as a place where the man is controlling his wife or more often these days the other way around where a hysterical and demanding wife controls her semi-brain dead doormat of a husband…In these days where I know many people making poor choices in the area of relationship…And in a time where it’s easy to lose hope and just accept that “that’s just the way it is“….this movie was like a breath of very fresh air!

Cynics will watch the movie and focus on the B-movie level acting, but if you decide to leave your heart open when you watch the movie, I’m confident that you will be touched by the beautiful and life giving message of hope that runs through the story in the movie. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a movie filled with real hope. And hope based on the only one we can ever trust fully: Jesus Christ! He is the hope for the hopeless. He is the hope for marriages that are falling apart right and left. He is the one who can fix any marriage, if the two spouses chose to surrender their own pride and allow Christ to teach them what humility and love really is!

How I rejoice when I meet couples, and I do know several of them, where they can tell me their story of how when they were on the brink of divorce, like in Fireproof, can tell of how God saved their marriages and their families. So often Christian movies have only focused on the salvation aspect of what Christ did for us. And that is certainly super important that he saved all believers from Hell and is offering salvation and Heaven at the end of our lives here. But there is more to it. That’s only the first half of the Gospel. The rest of the Gospel is about Christ giving us life and hope and changing us from within. And this movie portrays this fact beautifully. Human effort is not enough to have a marriage, or any other relationship, that is truly alive and life giving. Only when we find our strength and life in Christ do we have anything to offer to our spouse or our friend.

I hope you’ll rent/buy this DVD and watch it and allow God to speak words of hope into your life. He did to Jeannette and me tonight, and we thank God that he is the one who has kept our marriage alive and growing the first 3,5 years, and we’re delighted that we know he’ll continue to do that as we surrender ourselves and our will to him and his will.

Fireproof definitely gets six stars out of six! 🙂

Blessings, Torben

Here is a video from Fireproof with a beautiful worship song to God:

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