Three new year’s songs

As I have been reflecting on the year of 2008 which took us from Ukraine to the United States, God has used three songs from Casting Crowns’ album The Altar And The Door to speak to me. I have been singing the song Prayer For A Friend many, many times this year. It’s been hard to see different loved ones making choices that take them away from the best God has for them. But this song has been meaningful to me in those times of feeling sad. It speaks in simple words about the heartache of seeing friends go down paths that don’t lead to life, and it speaks of the truth that all I can do when that happens is to lift my friends up to God, as I hope they do when they see me making poor choices in my life. 

Another song that has been powerful to me these last weeks is the song Somewhere In The Middle. It speaks about real life for most of us. The struggle between the safety of mediocrity and the risky business of total abandonment to God. The lyrics are simple, but the questions posed in the song are real and thought provoking – “just how close can I get, Lord, to my surrender without losing all control?“, and the answer to that question is that you have to lose all control in order to live a life of surrender. It’s scary, but great stuff to follow God 100%, and often we are caught in the middle

And finally a powerful and simple worship song titled I Know You’re There. No matter how many times I’m caught in the middle, and no matter how many tears I cry over my own mediocrity and lukewarmness, God is there. He is listening. He is real. He was the only hope for me and everybody else in 2008, and he will remain the same life giving God in 2009. He is the one I have chosen to put all my trust, faith and hope in, and I know he’ll never let me down.

Thus ends this year of blog entries. 101 blog entries in 2008 since I launched http://www.abrokencup.wordpress.com back in Janury. I hope you, dear reader, have been blessed by these blog entries. I have enjoyed writing them. It’s an important part of me processing my life, and on top of that it’s just plain old fun! 🙂

Happy new year! See you in 2009!

Blessings, Torben – who loves youtube! 🙂

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