Bumper sticker wisdom

I’m now a permanent resident of the world leader when it comes to bumper stickers. Some have one, some have a few, others have 25 on the back of their vehicles. I enjoy reading them laughing at some. Many of them are silly. Some are pretty lame. And a few of them are hilarious. And then there is the minority that are thought provoking and contain (often unintended) wisdom and truth. 

Malcolm Smith, an excellent speaker who teaches about the truths of grace and life in Christ, talked about a bumper sticker which read:


This was meant as a fun joke saying that sex is really what life is all about. But the bumper sticker points to a deep truth about all of us as people. All the earth’s 6.6 billion people are looking for something. All of us, no matter our skin color, culture, family, social status or language. We are looking for love, acceptance, worth, security and significance. All of us. Either we find it in the originator of all of these needs, God, or we try to find it in each other, in material things, in career achievements, in popularity and people pleasing, in being a doormat to your spouse, in drugs, alcohol, in serving at church even when you should learn to say no…whatever your particular drug of choice may be..!

And when we don’t find it in each other or in stuff, we do one of two things: either we cry out to God who will then in turn show us that nobody and nothing was ever meant to meet those needs, or we settle for some substitute. 

It’s true for all of us. When we don’t find love in God who is love (1. John 4:16), we settle. We may settle for sex, as the sticker suggest. Sex is God’s invention, and it’s safe, wonderful, fun, and fulfilling when it takes place within the covenant relationship of marriage. Outside of marriage it always comes with a price tag attached to it. There are hangovers to go through, and negative fruit to be reaped when we sow to our flesh in stead of living in the Spirit. 

We may settle for something else than sex. But if we don’t find who we are in Christ, we will settle. And countless people have settled so often that they barely know that they do it anymore. God needs to bring revelation of our lostness and lack of life without him. What’s sad is that many people are believing the lies of Satan, the prince of this world. If we try hard enough, we’ll be okay…If we medicate the pain, we’ll be okay and nobody will know…If we don’t tell anybody, we don’t have to face the reality of our own lostness… If we keep the music and the TV high and running at all times, we may never be quiet enough to face the pain that’s in our lives…

I pray that God will always show me when I’m settling, and when I don’t find life in him, but settle for substitutes.

Blessings, Torben

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