In spite of

I love just a few worship songs. And one common theme for the songs I really love is that there is a sense of “in spite of” about them. It’s easy and comfortable to sing worship songs “because of”. When life feels good and things and relationships go the way I hope for, I sing to God and praise him because of all he is doing. That’s easy enough. It comes natural that you want to praise somebody when things feel great. I just can’t help myself. But what do I do in the times when “things are not as they should be”?

Do I still praise God? Do I still declare God’s goodness even when I don’t see it or feel it? Is God God even when I feel he’s not doing his job (properly)?

Times of challenges in my walk with God are pivotal points. Either we choose to go with God and we experience more and deeper life with him, or we run away and we miss out on what God has for us. God is a gentleman. He doesn’t force any of us to grow (up) in him. We can stay spiritual babies if we choose to. Fair weather Christians don’t experience abundant life. Abundant life with Christ is not possible to experience outside of walking with him in both darkness and light. Many people stay fair weather Christians because they don’t grow in their trust in God. But often times we have to take a step of faith in order to experience that God is who he says he is. Choose to praise him, choose to declare who he is, and ask him to fill you with peace and trust in him. I know he will answer that prayer, he is in the midst of doing it in my own life.

I love the lyrics of this song Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman, and often times God reminds of the truth of it, when I feel like running away from God. He reminds me that he is worthy of praise no matter what my circumstances may suggest.


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