“Yes, I believe the Bible is true”

During my two weeks in Denmark recently I had a long and good conversation with an old friend of mine. We were talking about life, love, football, why F.C. Copenhagen had such a poor season, the Church, the Bible, Christ – all the good stuff 🙂 We had been chatting for a couple of hours, when my friend exclaimed: “how refreshing it is to sit and talk to someone who actually believes that the Bible is God’s truth!“.

That comment took me by surprise. How could it be something special that I believe that the Bible contains God’s truth? How could it be unique that I take God’s Word seriously and believe that God uses this old book to reveal truths about who he is and who I am in him?

My friend works in a Christian school and is part of a Christian youth work and has many friends who have been Christians for decades. He is surrounded by Christians, but according to him fewer and fewer actually take God’s Word seriously! Wow…! Talk about emergent church gone bad….! His fellow Christian workers have lost a lot of their faith in the Bible. They see it more and more as a book of the past: “Today we need strategies, ideas, workshops, events, festivals. We need to focus on different relevant themes, do videos, sing worship songs, read, eat, drink and be with non-believers. We need to be in the world! The Bible is still okay, but it isn’t really an authority any more. Surely I know more these days than the Biblical writers knew back then. And surely I need to re-interpret different things in the Bible that I don’t like or understand. That’s normal. Everybody does it“, I’m told or hear between the lines of many post-modern and top-confused Christians of 2008! 

I have worked with discipleship training schools with Youth With A Mission the last five years, and I have to admit that I get more and more sad when I see how little we know and trust God’s Word these days. I have asked different leaders from Europe, Asia and North America about how well their discipleship students know, trust and live the Bible, and all of them unfortunately say that it gets worse and worse as far as Bible knowledge goes. Not that knowledge in itself is alpha and omega, but more and more Christians simply don’t know the big lines of the Scriptures. Questions such as: what was the point of the law in the Old Testament? Who was Joseph? What are some of the main themes in the writings of Paul, Peter or John? are considered deep theological wisdom if you actually have an answer..! And this is just the basics. How can we get to know God more, if we know his Word so poorly? How can the Holy Spirit inspire us and bring old things we’ve heard alive if we haven’t heard any of the “old things”? I have personally experienced many times in the last years how the (often times) deadly boring Bible lessons and sermons I sat through as a kid without getting much out of it, have become priceless to me as the Holy Spirit when I was ready for it blew his life into these words and Scriptures that were in my mind somewhere. Getting to know the Bible and the themes of the Bible is a wonderful way to give the Holy Spirit some great raw material to bring life to!

The Bible has always been under attack. That’s not a new thing. People have tried and continue to try to undermine the Bible and say that it’s filled with errors. The Da Vinci code wasn’t the first book that was trying to undermine the Bible. Many Christians hear these statements from the so-called experts and scientists and take them as truth. And Satan succeeds in slowly undermining the Bible’s credibility and authority in many Christians lives – “can the Bible really be trusted? Surely these things need to be understood completely differently today? If you think that things look differently, why should an old book decide over you?” he whispers, and many buy into these lies and life disappears. 

The Bible could and can stand its test. Just go ahead and shoot, the Bible is bullet proof. If you seriously want to study the Bible and see if it’s trustworthy, you’ll find that no other book has been tested and tried as many times and no other book has higher credibility than the Bible.

Or you could take a different approach and start believing. “Faith means acting as if God is telling the truth”, someone once said. And faith in the Bible means acting as if the Bible is God’s truth. Try the Bible. Jesus said: “If you hold to my teaching (as revealed in the Bible), you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32) and in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life“. Jesus is life. Jesus is truth. And truth will set you free. Do you want freedom? Get to know Jesus. He is truth. Read the Bible, and ask God to make it true to you. Ask him to experience the freedom, the life, the love, the peace that is promised when you follow God’s will no matter what your circumstances may be.

I testify to the truth of the Bible. The Bible is a pearl. The Bible is the no. 1 bestseller in the world. And the Bible contains truth that the Holy Spirit loves to reveal to me and to you. I testify to the truths in the Bible that set me free. I know the Bible is true, because I experience it! Again, it doesn’t mean there are not times when I struggle to understand the Bible, or where I just see black words on white sheets of paper and no life. But I have tasted enough that it contains truth, so even in very, very dry seasons I choose to hold on to God and his promises in his word.

Don’t jump the ships that say that we have to re-interpret everything. Don’t be naive. Trust God. He is worthy of your trust. And if that’s hard for you to do, then ask him to help you trust him and his Word. He will answer that prayer, or he is not God at all!

Torben – who could write a whole lot more about this topic, but my wise sister says I have to keep my entries short(ish)…. 🙂

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