Mad World

Every year in Great Britain there is heavy competition among all bands and singers to be the one with the no.1 hit in Great Britain on Christmas day. Most of the time it’s a happy-go-lucky Christmas song, a people-are-starving-in-Africa-and-by-buying-this-single-you-can-calm-down-your-bad-conscience-for-just-a-few-pounds-song, or a classic pop song that wins. But in 2003 a song called Mad World won. A strange, sad, semi-suicidal song about the madness, hopelessness and sadness of the world. Apparently many people in Great Britain and many people on youtube.com where more than 6 million people have seen this video could relate to the music and its lyrics! 

I heard it for the first time last year, and I have often thought of it since. Because I believe it describes what most people think about the world. It’s gone mad. It’s spinning out of control. Life sucks, and there is little hope that it will get a whole lot better. 

Earthquakes in China, typhoons in Myanmar, an Austrian man holding his daughter as a basement sex slave for decades….the images, the stories…..it’s dark, it’s terrible. It’s hopeless. It’s easy to give in to collective depression and agree that it’s a Mad World and it will never get any better.

What about me as a believer in Jesus Christ? Do I believe that the world has gone mad or do I see Jesus as the only hope, and do I see hope in him actually making a difference? Jesus is the only hope. I don’t have answers to all the questions that come with tragedies in China, Myanmar, Austria or when somebody loses their little baby or when somebody can’t find a job or a boy friend. I don’t know what to say. But I hold on. And I cry out to Jesus to reveal himself to all of us who are hurting. I don’t believe that the world is all mad. Even though it sometimes looks like it. Sometimes I have to look hard to see life, but I see it. I see little leaves of green emerge already from the catastrophe in China. I hear reports from a friend of mine who is a missionary in China of people starting to care more about each other and work more closely together. That’s life. Life coming out of death. I refuse to give in to despair over the world or over people I know or over myself – I trust that Christ is changing the world from within! One little step at a time. I see light and life, and I see lives being changed. So I know that not all is madness in the world. 

Watch the video to Mad World here and then see the contrast to the other video by Third Day with the song Cry Out To Jesus. Pain and suffering is real, but there is hope!


(there seems to be a problem with watching the Third Day video on this blog, but you can see the video here, if the direct showing doesn’t work.)


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