When does spring start?

Sometimes I overhear conversations about when spring actually starts. Some suggest when the snow is gone, others insist it’s March 1 or April 1. Then again there are people who talk about a random date in the middle of March or April. Others, maybe primarily Communists or Socialists (?), talk about May 1 as the day spring starts. 

I know exactly when spring started. It started yesterday. No doubt about that. I’m blessed enough to live in an apartment complex where there is a wise, old lady (babuschka), or at least I’m convinced it’s a woman, who decides for us in the building when it’s spring and when it’s winter. 

Yesterday (let’s just call her) Olga decided that now it’s spring, so she turned off all the heating in our radiators in all the apartments in the building. And all we can do is celebrate that we’re not cold any more (even though I did feel rather chilly sleeping this night), and now it’s spring and we don’t need any heating in our apartment! What a wonderful thing that we have Olga to make up our minds as to when we need heating and not. In November Olga will decide that it’s winter, but unfortunately we won’t be here for that, and when we move to America we’re once again left to decide for ourselves when the seasons begin and end. 

Torben – who would love to imagine what most of my friends would think if somebody else decided when they could have heating or not… 🙂

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