Father’s son/uncle’s nephew

Wow….things sure do change. When I was a kid I had no idea what the Internet was, and I was still clueless what the big fuss was all about when a computer geek student of mine introduced me to something called e-mail. That was 11 years ago, and now I can barely survive 24 hours without the Internet. 

Yesterday I got another sign that the times they are a-changing, as Bob Dylan sang it, when I saw that my nine year old nephew Christian had got himself a blog! Actually he’ll only be nine in 15 days, but I’m sure he won’t mind that I present him as being nine already.Let’s just say that Christian is very much his father’s son when it comes to all this stuff with computers, computer games, etc. I’m sure he already knows more about all of that stuff than uncle Torben will ever do. And now he has a blog that you can check out at www.riisjensen.dk/christian Unfortunately for most of you blog readers it’s in Danish, but I’ll be happy to translate the first entry which approximately goes like this in English: “March 29 I was at a badminton tournament. It was fun since I came in first, second and third in the under-9 division. My mom was there a few times and watched. I got a t-shirt, a wallet, and a towel. That was that Friday. The end.

He most definitely is his father’s son, but the mere fact that he writes about sports in his first blog makes his uncle proud. He is also very much his uncle’s nephew, since I can assure you, dear blog reader, that his father by no means has any interest in sports of any kind..! 🙂

Welcome in cyberspace, Christian! 


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