Happy birthday LEGO!

Today it’s 50 years ago that Ole Kirk Christiansen came up with the greatest Danish product in history – LEGO! Everybody loves LEGO bricks and kids play with them all over the world. Kirk Christiansen himself came up with the name LEGO which is a fusion of the two Danish words “LEg GOdt” (play well). So happy birthday, LEGO, and if you want to read more about the history of this wonderful toy, you can click here.

And on this great Danish day it seems appropriate to also celebrate what happened yesterday. Denmark beat Croatia in the final in the European Handball Championship for men. I saw the game online, and more than 2 million Danes saw the game on tv (and bear in mind that there are only 5,5 million Danes all in all…!). What a rush sports gives. A rush that you just can’t understand if you’re either not into sports, or you are not truly passionate about it. I allow myself to get really into sports, especially football, so I’ve had tears of joy and tears of sorrow in my eyes during and after various games. And I’m not planning on growing out if, even though I just turned 31:-)

Torben – who is going to Tbilisi, Georgia tomorrow where the weather experts talk about temperatures of -22 Celsius (-8 Fahrenheit) and snow the next few days while I’m there….brrrr……!

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